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Dyno Graph


Evo IX
Stage Subzero (v380)

XFlash Reprogrammed ECU
Passive Boost Solenoid Emulator

0-60mph in 3.9 seconds
Standing ¼ mile in 12.3 seconds at 112mph

Installation difficulty:

Estimated Installation Time:
20-30 minutes

Xflash ECU

Product Overview:
The popular v380 power package for the Evo IX is the first step in our upgrade path. It is ideal for those who demand ease of installation and absolute stealth with a completely stock-like exhaust note. Through careful recalibration of the factory fuel and ignition advance tables, as well as revised rev and boost limits, we’re able to achieve an incredible, dyno-proven, 100-110 flywheel horsepower gain over the factory rating on an otherwise stock Lancer Evolution. As tested on our in-house All-Wheel Dynamometer, this is more power than a Subaru WRX STi. More importantly, this gain is safe and has proven itself to be cable of withstanding the rigors of heavy-duty competition use-- something few others can honestly claim.



As with all of our XFlash-based power packages, you will need to mail (or bring) your ECU to our Danville, CA facilities for the re-flashing of its ROM file. For removal and reinstallation directions, click here. If you chose to mail it to us, we can usually mail it back to you the same day we receive it, limiting your downtime to a matter of 2-3 days. If you bring it to us, you can even leave the ECU in your car since we can re-flash it through your OBD-II diagnostic port. This takes a matter of minutes and requires virtually no downtime of your car. In additional to ECU re-flash, our v380 package also includes an easy-to-install passive boost solenoid emulator which greatly improves boost response and consistency. Please specify 91or 93 octane applications.

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