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Stage Two (v400)

Vishnu Reprogrammed ECU
Standard Series 3” Cat-Back Exhaust
Standard Series 3-inch Down-Pipe w/
front and rear catalyst (49 State Legal)
Forced Performance (FP) Green Turbo 
PE 850cc Injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump

0-60mph in 3.7 seconds
Standing ¼ mile in 12.0 seconds at 118mph

Installation difficulty:

Estimated Installation Time:
7-8 hours

$4410 with Standard Turbo-Back Exhaust (shown)

Product Overview:
Here we go! Our Stage 2 v400 power package for the STi is for ultimate enthusiast. In addition to the Stage 1 v370 package, we upgrade the stock turbo charger to an FP Green turbo, injectors to PE 850cc, and the stock fuel pump to a Walbro 255 lph pump. 

After careful recalibrations of the factory fuel, ignition advance, boost, open/closed loop switchover, rev limit, and parameters, we're able to achieve a massive and perfectly drivable dyno-proven 100-110 flywheel horsepower gain on 91 octane gas. On the dyno the STi has made the same power as a formidable Porsche 911 Turbo. Even with this considerable power upgrade, the STi does not lose any of its daily drivability. 

As with all our ECU Reflash-based power packages, you will need to mail (or bring) your ECU to our Danville, CA facilities for the re-flashing of its ROM file. For removal and reinstallation directions click here. If you chose to mail it to us, we can usually mail it back to you the same day we receive it, limiting your downtime to a matter of 2-3 days. If you bring it to us, you can even leave the ECU in your car since we can re-flash it through your OBD-II diagnostic port. This takes a matter of minutes and requires virtually no downtime of your car. Please specify what octane rating you'll need for your application. 


Power-Adding Options:
XEDE User-Tunable Engine Control Computer
Adding the plug-and-play XEDE to any of our power packages not only provides you the ability to custom tune your own car, it also allows to you to toggle between two calibration files. This means that you can upload a standard driving file as well as valet file. Or a drag race file and a road race file. Or a pump gas file and a high octane race gas file. When running 100+ octane race gas, activating the race gas file rewards you with an additional 20-30 wheel horsepower by a simple flip of a switch. The XEDE also additional output drivers for secondary injector control, intercooler water spray, methanol injection, etc.
Price: 995

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